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Turns out this Elden Ring boss eats little animals to heal himself

The Lands Between is full of beautiful and strange creatures that you might not encounter if you stick to the main road. One of the more interesting and uniquely designed optional bosses you can find in the Elden Ring is Ancestor Spirit, a pitiful animated corpse of a deer-like creature. But don’t feel too sorry for this boss, since he happens to eat defenseless little animals to heal himself.

This reveal comes from Souls detective Zullie the Witch (via Players (opens in a new tab)). The area where you fight the Ancestral Spirit is full of small animal spirits, and although you can’t kill them, the Ancestral Spirit can. In the video, which you can watch below, Zullie explains that “one of the spirit’s attacks seems to drain the life out of animals, restoring their HP by killing smaller spirits.”


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