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Tom Hanks Quiz Game Hanx101 Playthrough Review

Few things are clear when opening Curiosities of Hanx101a new mobile game for Apple Arcade that BlueLine Studios made in association with Tom Hanks. For starters, it’s not about Tom Hanks-specific trivia, as one might have guessed. In fact, I’ve yet to find a question that even mentions a movie that Tom Hanks starred in, though I’m hoping one of the 58,000+ questions available at the start of the game will eventually ask me about one of the most prolific and successful actors of all time. . Especially since you know this is its play.

Instead, in the center of Curiosities of Hanx101 is “Hanx”, which is either the name of some kind of trivia robot or Tom Hanks’ gamertag. Unclear! The opening cutscene also reminds players that Tom Hanks has an app called “hanx writer” which allows your keyboard to make typewriter sounds. (Good for you, Tom). Hanx informs me that I will now be answering 101 questions on several different topics. The first “world” on the game board is army-themed, with tanks and a helmet-like design to the limits of the island of trivia. It quickly becomes clear that the topic doesn’t seem to matter. Is it because Hanks starred in Saving Private Ryan? Is it because of the scenes in Forrest Gump when Hanks hero serves in the army? It does not seem. No part of this game so far feels shaped by Tom Hanks. I’m answering sports trivia about the nicknames of famous pitchers and music trivia about what songs Seals Croft sings. It seems that hanx101 has an age demo in mind.

I don’t know Tom!


There is a particular section of celebrity riddles called “Who is this?” where the game inexplicably shows you demonically distorted images of celebrities. sometimes, hanx101 I’d even do a little pounding, asking if the abomination you were looking at was Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt squashed, or Leo DiCaprio and Neil Patrick Harris’s messy-looking baby. Another goofy section, called “Spell This,” was just as mind-boggling. It asked me the correct way to spell “Rotate”, giving me “Rotayt” and “Rotait” as the other two options. Many of the history-based questions also force you to guess between multiple years. Questions like “Did event X occur in 1912, 1915, or 1923?”, for example, are common. Working my way through 101 hanx101 trivia questions is terribly boring.

When I get to Question #41, I get to a new map. This one has a city theme! hanx101 he never informs me why he was in the army world previously, and it quickly becomes clear that the city map is just another background with no purpose. The game board also progresses linearly from question to question, so I don’t even have a character or body that can walk around the cartoon town. Puzzlingly, there is a section of the city map next to a basketball court where the trivia round was “politics” instead of “sports”, so it appears that the maps have no effect on gameplay. After the grueling 101 questions, I received my score of 71/101 (not great!) and was told by Apple Arcade that I was a “cool guy.” So wouldn’t you know? He was back at the number one question in the military world.

At this point, I seriously wonder if Tom Hanks really likes trivia.

I thought, at the very least, that we would occasionally get the “Daily Double” style Danger! Videos where Tom Hanks appeared and showed us his love for trivia. Oh, nothing. Heck, I’m not even competing against Tom Hanks’ score to prove that I’m more knowledgeable than him. That’s just another cool idea I came up with for hanx101 that would actually make use of its A+++ star again. Perhaps the game would have been better as a family experience, as its multiplayer mode suggests, but I couldn’t imagine eight-year-olds understanding questions like “Who or what was Stuffy in green acres?” Is it a sitcom from 1965?! Good luck, kids. At this point, I seriously wonder if Tom Hanks really likes trivia.

“Trivia is for kids. Knowledge lasts a lifetime,” Hanks said in the game’s press release. “Compete against the whole world with Curiosities of Hanx101 and you’ll become a fascinating human being 101 facts at a time.” Totally. Telling my date that I correctly guessed how many children President John Tyler had is sure to make me the most fascinating man in the world. If this is for children, right? why? There are no questions about paw patrol or pokemon? Do you think kids can name the cast of MIXTURE?

hanx101 trivia map

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a digital representation of the private property of Tom Hanks.


Apparently completing everything Curiosities of Hanx101 had to offer I obsessively searched the internet to not only find out why someone would pay Apple $4.99 a month to keep playing, but also to get definitive answers from Tom Hanks that he does, in fact, love trivia. I was able to find the obvious. Saturday night live! skits involving parodic versions of celebrity Danger! other Wheel of Fortune—but these were scripted. I even crossed paths with the actor. reaction really Danger! contestants unaware that he played Mr. Rogers in A beautiful day in the neighborhood, but it wasn’t the proof he desperately needed.

The only real content I could gather that showed Tom Hanks answering trivia questions was on the BBC show. The Graham Norton Show, in 2011. Appearing alongside Simon Pegg, the two celebrities tested their knowledge of star trek, Pegg’s last film at the time. Supposedly, Hanks is a “big fan.” Still, he answered the question (more or less well) and was immediately awarded “half a point.” That was the end of the question round and unfortunately I did not see any star trek questions in Curiosities of Hanx101. All that’s left for me to say is: Tom, I’d love for you to appear in your own game. I will be waiting for you in the army world.

Play Hanx101 Trivia on Apple Arcade

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