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Seven of the top 10 companies lose Rs 1.34 trillion in mcap; RIL’s Biggest Laggard

The combined market valuation of seven of the top 10 most valued companies fell by Rs 1,34,139.14 crore last week, with Reliance Industries taking the biggest hit.

Last week, the Sensex lost 741.87 points or 1.26 percent amid an overall weak trend in stocks.

Except for Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Bajaj Finance and ITC, others in the top 10 club saw their market valuation erode.

The valuation of Reliance Industries fell by Rs 40,558.31 crore to reach Rs 16,50,307.10 crore.

The market capitalization (mcap) of HDFC Bank decreased from Rs 25,544.89 crore to Rs 8,05,694.57 crore.

Adani Transmission’s valuation fell by Rs 24,630.08 crore to Rs 4,31,662.20 crore and that of ICICI Bank fell by Rs 18,147.49 crore to Rs 6,14,962.99 crore.

The mcap of the State Bank of India decreased by Rs 9,950.94 crore to Rs 4,91,255.25 crore and that of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) decreased by Rs 9,458.65 crore to Rs 10,91,421.84 crore.

Infosys mcap fell by Rs 5,848.78 crore to stand at Rs 5,74,463.54 crore.

However, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) added Rs 35,467.08 crore, taking its valuation to Rs 6,29,525.99 crore.

ITC’s valuation jumped from Rs 20,381.61 crore to Rs 4,29,198.61 crore and Bajaj Finance’s rose from Rs 13,128.73 crore to Rs 4,54,477.56 crore.

Reliance Industries maintained its top spot on the list of most valued Indian companies, followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, HUL, ICICI Bank, Infosys, SBI, Bajaj Finance, Adani Transmission and ITC.

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