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Robot sets new record for fastest 100m run

She can still keep up with the fastest humans on the planet, but Cassie proved she’s no slouch either. Earlier this week, the Oregon State University College of Engineering and its spin-off company, agility roboticsreleased a video shot earlier this year showing off his bipedal robot as he set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest 100m run by a machine: 24.73 seconds.

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last year cassie made another achievement when he walked a 5K in just over 53 minutes, showcasing the team’s advances in reliability and durability within mobile robotics. “This may be the first bipedal robot to learn to run, but it won’t be the last,” said OSU robotics professor Jonathan Hurst. said in a press release. “I think progress will accelerate from here.”

Watch a video of the record in action below:

Using a computer technique known as parallelization in which a program runs multiple calculations and simulations simultaneously, Cassie integrated the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of machine learning in a single week. “Cassie can do a variety of different steps, but as we specialized him for speed, we started to wonder which steps are most efficient at each speed.” Devin Crowley, a graduate student and collaborator on the project, in a statement. Despite the prototype’s decidedly ostrich-legged appearance, the learning “led to Cassie’s first optimized running form and resulted in behavior strikingly similar to human biomechanics.”

At 9.58 seconds, the record for our species is still less than half that (thanks, Usain Bolt), and as the edge notes, Cassie is far from the world’s fastest robot: Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal WildCat can max at 19mphwhile MIT’s four-legged Mini Cheetah reaches about 9 mph, although there seems to be no indication that either of them can travel as much as Cassie. Still, it’s an impressive new milestone in robotic mobility.


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