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Pink Floyd founder cancels concerts in Poland after outrage over comments about the war in Ukraine

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has canceled planned concerts in Poland amid outrage over his stance on Russia’s war against Ukraine, Polish media reported Saturday.

An official at the Tauron Arena in Krakow, where Waters was scheduled to hold two concerts in April, said they will no longer be held.

“Roger Waters’ manager decided to withdraw… without giving any reason,” Tauron Arena Krakow’s Lukasz Pytko said in comments carried by Polish media on Saturday.

Waters’ “This Is Not a Drill” concert tour website does not list the concerts in Krakow previously scheduled for April 21 and 22.

Krakow city councilors were expected to vote next week on a proposal to make Waters persona non grata, expressing “outrage” at the musician’s stance on the war in Ukraine.

Waters wrote an open letter to Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska earlier this month in which she blamed “extreme nationalists” in Ukraine for having “set her country on the path to this disastrous war.” He also criticized the West for supplying weapons to Ukraine, and blamed Washington in particular.

Waters has also criticized NATO, accusing it of provoking Russia.


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