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If it weren’t for a new report, no one would have known about a bronze KKK plaque hanging at West Point.

The report, however, finds that the plaque “clearly links the KKK to the Confederacy,” and the commission “encourages the Secretary of Defense to address Department of Defense assets that highlight KKK Defense memorialization processes and create a standard disposal requirement for that asset. .”

Ty Seidule, a retired brigadier general who serves as vice chairman of the commission, explained to the Times that the plaque was included in the report “because we thought it was wrong.” Seidule added: “When we find something that’s wrong, but it’s not within our remit, we want to bring it to the defense secretary’s attention.”

Aundrea L. Matthews, president of the West Point Buffalo Soldiers Association, He says“It was shocking for most people to see the image.”

Although there are several recommendations for the disposal or renaming of assets at both West Point and the US Naval Academy, the panel wrote in the report that “the commissioners do not make these recommendations with the intent to ‘erase the history’.

“The facts of the past remain, and the commissioners are confident that Civil War history will continue to be taught in all service academies with all the quality and intricate detail that our national past deserves.”

The commission has until October 1. 1 to make its recommendations to Congress and review the names of “more than 750 Department of Defense items” across the country and two at a US military base in Japan, CNN reporting.


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